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I offer personalized help in following your best path for starting a career in creative writing (evaluate and improve your writing talent in poetry, playwriting, screenwriting), acting (talent evaluation, introduction to top acting instructors, finding acting jobs) , fine art (defining your style, finding the right art gallery, help curate your next art exhibit), modeling (evaluation and advice on your career potential and strategy for success, introduction to modeling agencies, photographers). Discover your own creative genius! Find the courage to do what you love for the rest of your life! Believe that anything is possible! Believe in yourself! I have been a writer, art consultant and independent talent manager for three decades, guiding and encouraging young people on how to start a career in the most uncertain and hard to define kind of existence, the creative life. Whether you have an outgoing personality or you prefer the lone path of expressing your unique creativity, I can guide you and help you find your own voice, your own place, and how to achieve the visibility and be valued for who you are and what you can offer as an artist, a creator, and eventually to become someone to inspire others with your work and your success!