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This is a Exceptionally a Beautiful Native Emerald Carving in the colors of Green, Light Green and Black. Exceptionally, Gorgeous and Beautiful Emerald Hand Carved Native Head Carving.You see Emerald in the face and Rough Emerald on top of the Head. This carving is a very Unique rare item, one of a kind and esquite and unique in such details. Comes from Columbia. This would make a Great Gift or just to add to your Collection. Carving side profile [carved on one side] This Specimen is as Perfect with Perfection, so Very Unique and Top Quality Gallery Specimen. Emerald is a stone of Love and Romance, and is reputed to bring both Passion and Domestic Bliss. It Brings and Enhances Harmony, Joy, Cleansing, Clairvoyance, Memory, and Faith. It also benefits Intuition, Intellect, Communication, Decision Making, and Promotes Truthfulness and honesty. Emerald is used to Enhance Intuitive Awareness and to bring forth Manifestation. It is said to be a Poet's Gemstone. It is a stone of Protection. Exceptional High Triple AAA Grade. This Beautiful Carving has been in My Gallery Collection over 30 years. Measurements 6" Tall, 5 1/2" Wide and 2 1/2" Thick. Price: $xxxx.00 Shipping and Handling $35.95 Worth so much More. If interested please email and Visit: For Unique Antiques and Treasures from Mother Earth.