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Exceptionally, Gorgeous and Beautiful Amethyst Geode Cathedral.This is an Amazing Amethyst Geode is as Perfect with Perfection no cracks, just Amazingly Beautiful. Mined from the depths of Brazilian Mine Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The Amethyst Geode is Perfectly Polished, Fine Dark Purple Amethyst Crystals has an amazing area in the Center where you can see up inside of it like a vortex! It is truly amazing! And jumbo! There is a Beautiful Rainbow at the center area, you can see it in the close up provided, it's more vivid in person than the photos allow us to show you. It is not often an Amethyst Crystal Geode like this one comes along, so if it's calling you, make it YOURS!!! Buy it now! Amethyst is Great for Protection, Purification with Fantastic Energy!. In the past Greek & Roman times it was viewed as a Stone of Royalty. It Stimulates the crown Chakra and is an aid to Meditation. All Angles shown on this Beautiful Amethyst Geode from front, sides and back. Measurements 6 3/4" Tall, 9 1/2" Wide, 8 1/2" Thick and 3 1/2" Deep. Weight 18.5 lbs. This is a Very Heavy Geode. The Origin of this Beautiful Amethyst Geode: Brazil. Excellent Condition and Triple AAA Grade. Price: $425.00 S/H $35.00 Exceptional Price. If interested please email and Visit: For Unique Antiques and Treasures from Mother Earth.