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Exceptional, Gorgeous and Beautiful Large Rare Mesolite on Stilbite-This is a Exceptional Beautiful Specimen of Mesolite on Stilbite. Mesolite crystal long prismatic, auricular. Aggregates Fibrous, Dense, also Earthy. Occurs in Gas Cavities in Volcanic Caves. This is a Very Rare Top Unique Quality Gallery Specimen and of course a One of a Kind with Mesolite on Stilbite combined. Color: Colorless White. Transparency Transparent to Translucent. This Beautiful Cluster been in My Gallery Cabinet Collection over 30 Years. This Beautiful Rare Specimen, comes from Poona India. Measurements 4 1/2" Tall, 6 3/4" Width and 4" Thick. This would make a Great Specimen to add to your Collection. This Specimen is as Perfect with Perfection and a Fantastic Price, and so Very Unique, Large in Size and Top Quality. Price $385.00 Shipping and Handling $35.95 If interested please email and Visit: For Unique Antiques and Treasures from Mother Earth.