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Exceptional Creation by Mother Earth Exceptionally, Gorgeous and Beautiful Benchmark Quarry Large Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystal Cluster. Here we have a 100% Genuine Beautiful Large Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystal Cluster from the Benchmark Quarry, St. Johnsville, Montgomery County, New York. Herkimer diamonds and Calcite on Dolomite coated matrix-Rainbows-Unique. This is a Beautiful Herkimer diamond multi-mineral matrix specimen. The specimen measures 2 1/2" Wide, 2 1/4" Tall and 2 3/4" Thick Weighs approximately 10.4 oz. The Largest Diamond is 2 1/2" Long and 1 1/8" Wide. It consists of a Total of 15 Herkimer Diamond Clear and Smokey, with Calcite on a Dolomite coated piece of matrix with micro druzy. This is a Beautiful Creation from Mother Earth. This Cluster is in Excellent Condition. With nice clarity, internal wisps and chambers, bright rainbows, anthraxolite inclusions and a nice formation. Overall a Beautiful Herkimer Diamond multi-mineral matrix specimen. This specimen is in Exceptional Shape especially for a collector who Collects Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystal Cluster. Very Unique and of cause a One of a Kind. This Gorgeous Cluster has been well kept in My Gallery Cabinet for 25 Years. Triple AAA Grade. The Price of this Exceptional Large Herkimer Diamond Cluster $295.00 and Shipping $25.00 Worth so much more. If interested please email and Visit: For Unique Antiques and Treasures from Mother Earth. {On Craigslist Front Page you must go to left side of screen to Search Craigslist and Type in Paulsgems all of my items will Appear}Pictures show all Angles of this Beautiful Benchmark Quarry Large Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystal Cluster with 15 Diamonds. You won't find a Cluster like this online for this Price.